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Our new Galápagos Travel Guide

This book showcases the evolution and peculiarities of this unique place, from the formation of the volcanic islands to the colonization by plants, animals and (more recently) humans. Many questions are answered in 6 different chapters. More than 330 full-color photographs and illustrations will take you on a visual tour, while learning about the latest science and research activities that contribute to the conservation of the islands. Moreover, an illustrated guide identifies more than 125 commonly seen species of animals and plants.

Galápagos Travel Guide

You can order the book in English or German at a price of 29.50 CHF. (Members of our association pay 25 CHF). Send an email with your order and your shipping address to and transfer the purchase price plus 9 CHF shipping costs (to Great Britain) with the note "book German" or "English" to our account:

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Freunde der Galápagos Inseln (Schweiz)
c/o Zoo Zürich
Zürichbergstrasse 221
CH-8044 Zürich

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Account No. 0823-217275-31

The book will be sent to you directly after receipt of payment.