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  • News Kalender 2021

    Galapagos Calendar 2021

    We are pleased to present you our 2021 calendar. It was created thanks to the impressive photos we received from our members.

    Do you also want to be accompanied during 12 months with fantastic impressions of Sombrero Chino Island, Santiago or Fernandina, lava cacti, opuntia groves, enchanting flowers or sea lions, mangrove finches and more?

    Then this calendar is a must!
    But it also makes a great gift for nature lovers.

    You can order it for 21 CHF, including shipping costs, by paying to our account

    IBAN CH51 0483 5021 7275 3100 0

    with the reference "Calendar 2021".

    Alternatively, you can pay and order directly via PayPal:

    Order via PayPal

    If you would like a payment slip, please contact us.
    We will send you the calendar immediately after receiving the money.

    News Kalender 2021

    Cover of the 2021 Calendar