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  • Iguana nahe Cabo Douglas auf Fernandina by Amy MacLeod

    Counting Marine iguanas is possible again!

    Dr. Amy MacLeod has just informed us that she has reopened access to the Marine iguana count on "Zooniverse" with new pictures from the islands of Española and Floreana. Everyone who is interested can help to count the Marine iguanas, other animals and also plastic waste on the pictures posted there.

    You can access the Zooniverse page via the following link:    

    These pictures will be accessible for about 2 months. From April onwards it is planned to post new photos of the last expedition to Genovesa, Marchena and Pinta. 

    Help Amy and her team and become part of a great community of explorers. It's really fun! The aim of the counts is to determine the most accurate population sizes of the Marine iguanas discovered in Galápagos. Help save these animals, which are threatened with extinction according to the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).