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    Fascination Earth: Galapagos - Islands of Freaks

    This is not a disrespectful description of the Galápagos Islands and their inhabitants, which we all love so much, by no means. This is the title under which ZDF has released a 43-minute film about the Galápagos Islands in its TERRA X documentary series.

    The volcanic island paradise of the Galápagos comprises a wide variety of landscapes, ranging from unreal volcanic rock to lush, fairytale-like primeval forests. The living conditions here are extreme and have led to a unique flora and fauna that could hardly be more curious.  

    Veterinarian Hannah Emde travels the archipelago and explains many of the problems and projects that we have been supporting for years.  

    These include monitoring the health of the endemic Galápagos penguins and blue-footed boobies, together with Gustavo Jiménez-Uzcátegui. The iconic giant tortoises, which we all know as the gardeners of the Galápagos Islands, will also be visited and Hannah will explain the current problems these animals are facing.  

    Of course, the unique marine iguanas will also be visited, as well as the scalloped hammerhead sharks.  

    There are many interesting and curious things to see and learn. This documentary is worth seeing. Treat yourself to this experience!