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  • Achim Möbes

    Zoom event  "News from the Galápagos Islands"

    On 26.04.2021 at 19:30 our second Zoom event  "News from the Galápagos Islands" took place and we are very grateful for your numerous participation.  

    Unfortunately, many members did not have time on the event date. For this reason, we decided to have the event recorded.  

    The first speaker was the new director of the Charles Darwin Station in Puerto Ayora, Dr. Rakan Zahawi. This presentation is in English. Dr. Zahawi explains his professional career and then talks about the current situation on the Galápagos Islands and his plans. Afterward, all participants had the chance to ask questions. 

    The other speakers Prof. Sebastian Steinfartz and Dr. Amy MacLeod will then give their very exciting talks about the marine iguanas in German.  

    We hope you enjoy the following video. 

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