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  • Darvins Arch

    Darwin's Arch has collapsed!

    By the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment was informed that the very famous rock formation Darwin's Arch has collapsed by natural erosion on 17.05.2021. On pictures you can see the original formation and the current situation, where only the two supporting pillars are visible.

    Darwin's Arch is located just off the southeastern tip of Darwin Island. It is the most northwesterly point of the Galápagos Islands and was named after the British explorer Charles Darwin, who researched the unique fauna and flora of the archipelago and thus developed the theory of evolution.   

    The rock formation is very well known as an impressive dive site because of the great biodiversity in this area of Galápagos Marine Reserve. The whale shark expeditions we sponsor regularly visit this area. Here you can also often find large groups of hammerhead sharks and many other shark species, as well as the elegant manta rays, dolphins, green sea turtles, and many large schools of fish.